Monday, December 22, 2014

Night Birds Euro Tour: The Quest for a Comfortable Toilet

In the summer of 2014, I found my way into a van in Europe with Night Birds for a couple weeks.  Aside from selling merch, hauling gear, moshing and running my mouth, I also snapped a bunch of photos and posted daily updates to my blog, Go Start Your Own Band.  The camera was a Nikon D70s; the laptop, a Toshiba NB505. Despite their age and condition, they did me well. When I made it back to the States, I realized I wanted to combine some of my favorite photos with all the nonsense I had put to paper. So that’s what you get here. All of the writing was previously posted on the blog along with a handful of the photos.  Most of the shots are by me.  Photos by other folks are labeled as such. Thanks a lot for letting me use them. Speaking of, there are tons of great photos and videos out there of this tour that you should check out. But for my part, thanks for reading.

Ladies and germs, The Quest for a Comfortable Toilet:

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